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Great Barr Property Market Update

May 31, 2016

Property Prices in Great Barr








Achieved Sales Prices in B43 Over Time

The graph above is a quarterly analysis of the last four years achieved sales prices from the Land Registry show some interesting patterns in Great Barr. Achieved sales prices of flats have increased by 3.1% per quarter since 2012. This compares with 1.2% for terraces, 1.4% for semis and 3.2% for detached properties. In total, it is semis which have increased the most with prices now 23.9% higher than in 2012.


Hours Worked




A standard measure of a full working week is about 48 hours. That is what the EU uses in it’s ‘Working Time Directive’ to ensure employees are not being overstretched. In Great Barr, 89.7% of full- or part-time workers work those hours or fewer. That means 10.3% work more than that, a total of 1,400 people. Many of our clients fit into this category, and if you are one of them we are ready to work around your busy schedule.







Which Types of Homes are Most Often Sold?

House Sales by Type



In the last 12 months, semis have accounted for 44.3% of all transactions making this the most common type of property on the market in B43 (467 in total). Over the same period terraces accounted for 24%, flats accounted for 17.8% and detached properties provided 13.9% of transactions.





How do Great Barr residents get to work?

How do Great Barr residents get to work



An analysis of commuting preferences in Great Barr shows that the majority of people use a car to get to work (75.1%). This is followed by bus (14.2%), and then on foot (4.8%). It will be interesting to monitor how this pattern changes over time given the trend in Great Barr and everywhere else to more flexible working, i.e. working from home.

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