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Erdington First Time Buyers Mortgages taking 28.6% of their Wages

June 29, 2017
I received a very interesting letter the other day from an Erdington resident. He declared he was an Erdington homeowner, retired and mortgage free. He stated how unaffordable Erdington’s rising property prices were and that...

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21.4 miles – The average distance people go to escape living in Erdington

June 27, 2017
“How far do Erdington people go to move to a new house?” This was an intriguing question asked by one of my clients the other week. Readers of my property blog will know I love...

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Erdington Flats Out Perform Property Market Average by 15%

June 22, 2017
According to the Land Registry's latest House Price Index for Erdington and the surrounding locality, the value of apartments/flats are rising at a faster rate than terraced/town houses, semi-detached properties and even detached property. Values of...

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20.27 Babies Born for Each New Home Built in the Erdington area

June 19, 2017
As more babies are being born to Erdington and Birmingham mothers, I believe this increase will continue to add pressure to the over stretched Erdington property market and materially affect the local property market in...

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Hard Brexit could cause 11,800 properties to be dumped onto the local Property market

June 15, 2017
As it currently stands, by not assuring the rights of EU citizens in the UK, Theresa May has squandered an opportunity to give peace of mind to our EU co-workers working and living in Erdington...

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Erdington Rents rise by 14.8% since 2005

June 15, 2017
The Erdington Property Market is a very interesting animal and has been particularly fascinating over the last 12 years when we consider what has happened to Erdington rents and house prices. There’s currently much talk of...

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884,044 People use Edington Train Station a year – How does that affect the Erdington Property Market?

June 5, 2017
It might surprise you that it isn’t always the poshest villages around Erdington or the swankiest Erdington streets where properties sell and let the quickest. Quite often, it’s the ones that have the best transport links. I...

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Erdington Property Values Rise by £16.00 a day

May 22, 2017
Investing in buy to let property is different from investing in the stock market or depositing your hard-earned cash in the Building Society. When you invest your money in the Building Society, this is considered...

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Erdington’s ‘Generation Trapped’ and the £1.01bn legacy

May 15, 2017
Few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the plight of the Erdington 20 something’s often referred to by the press as ‘Generation Rent’. Attitudes to renting have certainly changed over the last twenty years...

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Should the 6,658 home owning OAP’s of Erdington be forced to downsize?

April 28, 2017
This was a question posed to me on social media a few weeks ago, after my article about our mature members of Erdington society and the fact many retirees feel trapped in their homes. After...

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